The Average Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

February 24, 2023 0 Comments

Today, there are almost 70,000 exercise based recuperation associates (PTAs) working in the US. The typical compensation was roughly $52,000 in 2012, and this figure depends on a report by the Department of Work Measurements.

The last 10% procured about $32,420 or less, and the main 10% acquired near $72,720 or more. Pay rates in this field will differ, contingent upon the genuine position, work on setting, level of training, long periods of involvement, and area.


The typical compensation for new PTAs, barely out of school with short of what one year of involvement is about $18 each hour. That is about $36,000 each year and this figure can change contingent upon the kind of work setting. The typical compensation for a remained associate with similar occupation for as long as four years can be around $24 each hour.

For exercise based recuperation partners that stay in a similar occupation for up to nine years, they can procure as much as $26 each hour. North of one year, the time-based compensations will be almost $50,000 and $55,000, separately. These numbers are at the higher finish of the typical pay rates for PTAs that have expanded their compensation over the long haul and have more insight.

Work Standpoint

There is an extremely popularity electric cryotherapy chamber for occupations in this field, regardless of the decline in the economy. As per the Department of Work Measurements, occupations for exercise based recuperation collaborators are assessed to develop by 35% from 2008 to 2018.

This is impressively quicker when contrasted with the typical development of numerous different professions. The need for PTAs is expected to extend sooner rather than later as the Unified State’s populace becomes older in light of the fact that this expands the requirement for non-intrusive treatment administrations.

Work Potential open doors

The most open positions for this profession are basically situated in bigger urban communities like New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Columbus (Goodness), and Chicago. The most lucrative metropolitan region for active recuperation associate positions is in Texas.

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